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    War Lyrics




    I don't cop things for resale, don't do iCloud, don't do email

    Feds wanna tap up man and wire up man like Chubbs did Detail

    Back when Ricky was doin' up Teesdale, I was doin' dinner with Teezy

    I didn't trust no one, swore gyal lined me 'cause gyal too greazy

    Niko never move neeky, sweatsuit Nike, sweatsuit DG

    If man get beaky, ring ring, call up GiGi, do him up neatly

    Used to look up to a man from certain ends with tune on repeat

    Thought he was a bad boy, then 'til man got pinched and man went PC

    Man went PC just like Dell and Windows, some man been those

    Before I was ever around Kendall's, I was at ends though, dreamin' up Enzos

    The woman I do end up with has to be a bad gyal just like Munchy

    Can't have no pretentious ting when I know this road gets bumpy

    Word to the broski Jay, he got different names in different countries

    Three waps in the whip and we beat that case, where man live way too comfy

    I don't do well with people makin' disses or makin' threats

    Woi-oi, man got flown like private jets, for way, way less

    I know you tried to get one down on us, ever since then it's been stress

    'Cause you know the rest 'dem owe you one and we always pay them debts

    Wassa, wassa, just like the crodie Pressa, I don't do no passa

    Link with Skull and Cuz and Jamie ah yard and we deh pon Gaza

    Pasha Sasha pissed, I was way too young at the time for slashings

    You niggas spend too much time on captions, not enough time on action

    Pick one man with slaps that's rappin', I bet he don't want no clashings

    The LV pouch on chest is just for fashion, niggas just actin'

    Are you dumb or stupid? The wheels on the Rolls is Chromazz, headshot domazz

    Just checked in at a hotel, floor that we on got potent aromas

    OVOXO link up, mandem drink up, me and the drillers

    Hawk and Sticks and Cash and Baka, Gucci, P, and Gilla

    And the boy that sound like he sang on Thriller, you know that's been my nigga

    Yeah, we just had to fix things, family, 6ix tings, we can't split up

    As for the rest of the game, I'll do man dirty, man'll get two time

    To me, that's just our side, I don't really care who rides on whose side

    Bring ten shots to the poolside, never seen none of these grown men outside

    4301, won't spare no one, niggas gotta know about Southside

    Steppin' outta line, get outlined, and you know I'm tied up stateside

    Bringin' man down when they take sides, tryna get saved by the bell like Bayside

    Prince, I carry that last name, that shit stays on me like brand names

    Jas just lined up brand new hand tings and nice guy on a madting

    Everyone I know has codenames, anyone I'm beefin' with is a no-name

    Niggas can't even win home games, they just gotta fall in line like Soul Train